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Watermelon smoothie

Watermelon smoothie

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Watermelon Smoothie Recipe of of 14-08-2013 [Updated on 15-07-2016]

The smoothie is a typical American smoothie that is usually prepared with a yogurt base and with the addition of fresh seasonal fruit. Its name derives from the word smooth which in English means “smooth”, the consistency is denser than our smoothies and does not have whole pieces of fruit. Smoothies can be classic with fruit, vegetable-based and detoxes, this morning I propose it to you with watermelon flavor, ideal to prepare for mid-August! My holidays are going well, Elisa is having a great time and now that she has learned to swim alone with the armrests, she is appreciating even more the beauty of being in the water, when she floats and flaps her feet to swim she says that that is '"the magic of the sea" and it is very tender! I greet you and go to get ready, otherwise who keeps it to little Ariel; ) basins.


How to make watermelon smoothie

Slice the watermelon, remove the seeds and cut it into pieces.

Put the pieces of watermelon, yogurt, ice and sugar in a blender.

Blend at maximum power until you get a creamy mixture.

Pour the watermelon smoothie into glasses and serve.

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