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Vegetable salad

Vegetable salad

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Recipe Legume Salad of of 30-07-2016 [Updated on 02-08-2016]

L'vegetable salad it is a healthy, nutritious, tasty and fresh single dish, perfect for a good and substantial lunch without getting too heavy! I have never particularly loved legumes, but since I started my diet change, trying to reduce the intake of animal proteins in favor of vegetable ones, I found in chickpeas, beans and especially lentils, some valid allies.
When the heat came, however, I had to reinvent something fresh to be able to eat them, honestly the classic pasta and chickpeas with the summer heat is not the best so I opted for this fresh legume salad and I solved the problem;)
In this recipe I used three different legumes, borlotti beans, cannellini beans and chickpeas, I added songino, cherry tomatoes and basil and voilà, lunch is served;)
I hope I've given you a nice idea for today's lunch, I liked this salad a lot. Kisses and good weekend, we are home today, at least for the moment;)


How to make legume salad

First of all, prepare the legumes, which must be boiled, cold and well drained.

Wash and cut the cherry tomatoes, clean the songino, and add them in a bowl together with all the legumes.

Prepare a dressing by coarsely chopping the basil and seasoning it with salt, pepper and oil.

Add the sliced ​​onion and seasoning to the bowl.

Leave to flavor for 30 minutes in the refrigerator, then serve the vegetable salad.

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