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Aosta Valley cutlets

Aosta Valley cutlets

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Recipe Aosta Valley cutlets of of 06-03-2016 [Updated on 23-05-2016]

The cutlets alla valdostana (or cutlets alla valdostana) are a delicious second pact based on meat, a sort of cordon bleu typical of the tradition of regional cuisine of Valle d'Aosta. The meat used for this preparation is veal and the filling includes cooked ham and fontina, cheese from the valley par excellence, an amazing mix of flavors;) On this Sunday in March, such a recipe is ideal, Aosta Valley cutlets they are prepared in a short time and will win you over for their taste and even children will appreciate it very much;) I start slowly this morning, breakfast and double coffee in bed, a reading of the newspaper and 2 pampering with a speck, waiting for Ely to wake up to decide what to do on this day, I leave you to the recipe and I wish you a sweet Sunday.


How to make Aosta Valley cutlets

Place half of the slices on a cutting board, if necessary thin them with a meat mallet.

Fill them with a thin slice of fontina and then with the ham.

Close with a second slice of veal (always beating it lightly first, if necessary).

Breaded the cutlets: first pass them in the eggs, lightly beaten with a little salt and pepper, soaking the sides too.

Then pass them in breadcrumbs on all sides, in order to seal them.

Then fry the cutlets in hot oil, turning them over for uniform cooking, until golden brown.

As they are ready, place the cutlets on a plate covered with absorbent paper.

Serve your Aosta Valley cutlets immediately.

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