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Cremsnit II

Cremsnit II

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Knead in a bowl a dough of 350 gr flour, 200 ml cold water, 4 tablespoons oil and a pinch of salt. The result is an elastic, non-sticky dough. In a bowl, mix the soft butter with 7 tablespoons of flour. The dough is divided into two equal parts, spread two rectangular sheets that are greased with the mixture of butter and flour. Roll and put the rolls obtained in the refrigerator for an hour.

After an hour in the cold, spread the first sheet and bake on the back of a tray. We do the same with the second sheet, but to be easier to portion, we draw lightly over the horizontal and vertical lines forming 15 squares. This way the cake will be easier to cut and the sheets will not break. Gelatin is hydrated in a little milk. Separate the eggs and beat the egg whites. Mix the yolks with the sugar, vanilla, flour and add the warm milk.

Boil the cream and stir continuously until it thickens like a pudding. Then add the hydrated gelatin and the beaten egg whites. Put all the cream on top of the first sheet and place the second sheet on top. Leave the cake in the fridge for at least 2 hours to harden the cream. Then powder with sugar and portion. It is ideal to use a removable tray, which does not allow the cream to drain.

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89 reviews on Cremsnit & # 8211 Cremes & # 8211 Crempita

Raw egg whites block the absorption of biotin (vitamin B7).
The cream can't be hot enough to cook the egg whites. And if it were (ie over 60 degrees) then the gelatin would spoil. The solution is, dear Laura, if you want to take into account my humble opinion, remove the egg whites and put whipped cream instead. That is, to get the diplomat cream. And if you put starch instead of flour, it comes out much finer.

I wish I had real food at the table too. But mine are a bit gritty and crooked from the nose if it tastes like raw egg white or is too sticky from the flour. But I think I taught them badly.

Dear Livia, even if those egg whites were completely raw, and even if we take 100% of the statement circulating on the internet regarding the blocking of biotin absorption, given that we do not consume raw egg whites every day, it has nothing to cause us to long term. I am not a fan of eating raw egg whites either, however I admit that in my childhood my grandmother did not make me strawberry mousse in bain-marie or Italian meringue, but from raw egg whites, which I ate with great pleasure and nothing really happened to me.
Regarding the starch in patisserie creams, I would rather share the recommendation of Larousse Gastronomique, the edition supervised by Joel Robuchon who says that a pastry vanilla cream is made of "50 g plain (all purpose flour), 175 g caster sugar, a pinch of salt, 1 vanilla pod, 500 ml. milk, 4 whole eggs ”.
Of course, everyone is free to do as they wish, according to their own tastes and requirements, but in my area this cake is traditional, like many other sweets of Viennese / Austro-Hungarian origin and in our country it is not usual to put in cremeschnitte Creme-Diplomate but rather a variant of Chiboust cream (which is also specific to Saint Honore cake) and about which the same bible of gastronomy (Larousse Gastronomique) says that it is made like this: “Soak 4 leaves of gelatin in cold water, then dissolve over hot water. Boil 500 ml milk with half a vanilla pod. Beat 4 egg yolks with 125 gr caster sugar until the mixture lightens in color. Add 75 gr plain flour and mix well. Gradually pour in the boiling milk, whisking continuously. Pour the mixture into a sauce pan, add the disolved gelatin and heat gently, stirring continuously. Remove from the heat as soon as it begins to boil. Add a pinch of salt to the 4 egg whites and beat into stuff peaks. Reheat the cream until it starts to simmer and pour immediately over the egg whites. Mix with a spatula, lifting the mixture, but taking care not to beat it, until smooth. ” So with flour, boiled gelatin and raw egg whites :). In my opinion, in this cream gelatin has the role of contributing something to the texture rather than binding the cream, which is quite thick anyway from flour and eggs.
So different places, different people, different approaches. It is important to please us and those who eat us at the table.

[& # 8230] (find the original recipe at Savori Urbane) and cream of cream, cremsnit (find the recipe at Laura Laurentiu). I did not detail that the good recipes have already been written on the links, I gugaled and took [& # 8230]

[& # 8230] either with 70 g of starch (140 g of flour) and 10 g of gelatin. I'm telling you this because I also successfully tested Laura Laurentiu's cream recipe and it also contains [& # 8230]

450 kg of white flour for sheets seems exaggerated

The amount of flour is balanced with the other ingredients. In addition, the sheets do not have the size of those to be bought, of 25 & # 21535 cm, but are as big as the tray.

Beautifully noticed! What's even funnier is Laura's comment, which obviously didn't catch the subtle joke :)

Certain subtleties exceed me, what to do, I also have my limits. No matter how hard I try to understand what is funny in the statement that I would have recommended a quantity of flour that would not respect the relationship with the other ingredients, I do not succeed and I do not even feel like smiling. Maybe you help me, I'm overwhelmed, obviously it's not the kind of humor I taste.

You wrote 450 kg of flour instead of 450 grams & # 8230.

dear laura I also made cream and it turned out great all my family loves it congratulations for recipes

I think it is very good and easy to do

I'm waiting for other equally good recipes.

I would like to do it. I hope the dune comes out. As my son really likes cream. Good luck.

I'm sorry, I hope I didn't upset someone,

too much flour, it tastes like cream flour, otherwise it's ok

It looks delicious, I'm trying it today. I can not wait .

now I have finished the cream & # 8230 I tasted the hot cream and it is very tasty & # 8230 I put it in the fridge and I wait for it to cool to pap.

It should be added what is done with the rest of the flour, after using the 6 tablespoons of flour & # the rest
it's OK cream, a little soft (using only the 6 tablespoons of flour) but ff good, I think all the flour is too much! SPOR :)

It looks delicious, I immediately make the cream too. I can not wait .

hello LAURA, I also steal a cream recipe from you, because I don't know exactly how to make it anymore, and I miss CIMISOREANCA, banata, you are very talented but you also sing very beautifully. la uspat pa cine si pa vuchy.LA MULTI ANI!

Hi ... I also have a question. If I don't have big lard, can't it be replaced with butter?

Laura congratulations for your site is wonderful! I made many recipes and they all came out perfectly following the steps described by you. But tonight I tried the cream and I did not put gelatin. all my friends but now a question: tomorrow I really want to do it again at my mother's house & # 8221 but please tell me how many sheets of gelatin to go because I can't find granules here? Wonderful recipe!

do we have to put gelatin?

It is not necessary, you can add 1 tablespoon of flour, so that the cream is very well coagulated. Gelatin gives it that special texture, slightly shaky. :)

Hi! I love cream, although I'm from Bukovina, I had a neighbor from Banat who was married to a boy from our country, she brought us the recipe, but now that I'm in Italy I have a big problem with osanza, can I use butter or lard?

I'm glad that your recipe didn't start with: two sheets of creams :))) and that I can see how the sheets are made.
Thanks for the recipe!

Cremeș (Cremșnit)

An old traditional Cremeș recipe inherited from Austro-Hungarian cuisine, with sheets of puff pastry with vanilla milk cream. A delight of crunchy sheets and fluffy cream, not missing from the recipe book of the grandmother from Transylvania.


  • 1 or
  • 1 glass of cream (not too thick)
  • 6 tablespoons flour
  • salt
  • 1 packet butter 65% fat
  • 6 tablespoons flour

In a bowl, break the egg, beat well with a fork, add salt and cream and beat a little more. The cream should not be too thick. You can use half a glass of cream and the rest of the milk.

The obtained dough is kneaded well with flour approx. 20 minutes until it no longer sticks to the table (without adding flour). At this point the dough begins to blister.

From this dough spread a narrower and longer sheet on which will be superimposed another sheet obtained from the piece of butter mixed with 6 tablespoons of flour. (half of this composition)

Roll the sheets from the bottom up. Put the rolled dough on a plate and let it cool for 10-15 minutes.

After it has cooled down, spread a sheet again, respecting the direction in which it was rolled forward. Over this sheet overlap the other sheet of butter with flour and roll again. Let it cool.

After 15 minutes, divide the dough into 4 equal parts. From each sheet is spread a sheet that is baked on the back of the tray. The tray does not grease. The dough reaches for 2 filled cream trays. The rest of the dough can be frozen to be baked and filled when needed.

The ripe sheets should be golden, crispy. Bake at 180 degrees.

  • 5 eggs
  • 180 g sugar
  • 1 l milk
  • 5 tablespoons flour
  • 2 sachets of vanilla sugar

Separate the yolks from the egg whites. Mix the yolks in a saucepan with the sugar until foamy, then add the flour. Pour the milk little by little so as not to make lumps. This composition is put on the fire to boil until a viscous paste is obtained. If it is not cooked enough, the cream will be soft and will flow.

2-3 minutes before the cream is cooked enough, remove the pan from the heat. Add the vanilla sugar and mix a little more. In a dry bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff. Put the cream on the fire again for approx. 1 minute and pour over the beaten egg whites, stirring gently with the spoon from bottom to top. Take the cream off the heat and spread it on a sheet. Allow to cool for approx. 5-10 minutes and then place on top of the other sheet.

Sprinkle powdered sugar on top. After it has cooled well, you can cut large square slices.

How to prepare puff pastry for cream

I weighed and sifted the flour. In the cold water I dissolved the salt. I placed the pile in the shape of a pile with a hole in the middle. I carefully poured the salt water into the hole formed and I started to mix by hand, incorporating more and more flour. I obtained a fairly firm, non-sticky dough that I kneaded on the worktop for 5 minutes. During this time it becomes elastic and smooth. I covered it with a plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for an hour, to rest.

Take the ally out of the fridge. We notice that it has become soft. I cut it in the cross with a sharp knife, without cutting it down, I went to half the thickness. I grabbed the 4 corners and pulled them slightly outwards, like the petals of a flower. I made sure to keep a higher dough in the middle, where I put the butter. One by one we bring the petals over the piece of butter, passing from one to the other in the order of joining (not opposite). The butter is trapped in the dough. A star thick layer was created on top of the overlapping petals. After this we spread the puff pastry for the first time. Slowly, with the twister, without high pressure and in one direction: up + down. Do not press hard so that the butter does not spill on the sides! I stretched a sheet 60 cm long and about 20 cm wide. If you did not understand the procedure very well, you can see it better in the movie below.

I heated the oven to 200 degrees. I divided the 550 g piece into 2 and spread the first sheet, taking into account the dimensions of the tray in which I was going to mount the cream. The cream sheet stretches thinly (2-4 mm) because it will increase a lot in height when baked. I lightly dusted the worktop with flour and got to work. I moved the sheet with the twister to a baking paper and pulled it with it into a large baking tray.

I baked the first cream sheet for 18 minutes. The sheet should turn golden. Then it's well done.

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Cremesh (Cremsnit)

Mix the gelatin in the cold milk and leave it for 3 minutes, then put it on the right heat until it boils.
Meanwhile, mix the eggs with the sugar and vanilla until it becomes a yellow cream.

Pour the milk with hot gelatin over the egg mixture as slowly as the mayonnaise oil, always stirring with the mixer, then let it cool, taking care to mix from time to time to obtain a consistent cream. no lumps.

When it has reached the consistency of a sour cream, mix it with whipped cream very well (manually not with the mixer). Put it over the baked sheet. Put the second sheet on top and powder it with powdered sugar. Put it in the fridge and after half an hour it can be consumed.

I usually spread it from a sheet and take out two sheets that I bake on the back of the tray (without oil or flour). The quantity given above is for a single tray measuring 33/23 cm

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I would like to share my little girl's favorite recipe. The recipe is called Cremsnit on the reverse and, I think, is ideal for children.

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Mix the yolks with a third of the sugar and add the flour.

Heat the milk with the rest of the sugar and the grated core of the vanilla pod. When it boils, slowly pour the hot milk over the yolks rubbed with sugar, stirring constantly. Put back on the heat and simmer for 2 minutes, stirring constantly.

Strain through a sieve and let the cream covered with a plastic food foil cool.

When it has cooled, add the whipped cream.

Place one of the cream foil in a tray, pour the cream and place the other cream cream sheet on top of it. Leave the cake to cool for a few hours or, better, overnight.

Powder with powdered sugar and portion.

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