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Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

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Rock: separate the eggs, beat the egg whites together with the sugar, add the yolks one by one, mixing with a spatula or wooden spoon. Do the same with cocoa, baking powder and salt. Wallpaper a round tray (diameter 26 cm) with baking paper and place in the PREHEATED oven! until it passes the toothpick test on low heat

Let cool and cut into 3

Bitter chocolate cream: In a saucepan over low heat put the liquid cream to heat, bring it to near boiling point but do not let it boil, take off the heat, put the broken chocolate pieces as small as possible and mix continuously until well incorporated . Remove from the heat and let it cool completely, when it is cold, mix slowly until it becomes fluffy and add the liqueur at the end, let it cool

White chocolate cream: Proceed in the same way as for the bitter one, only at the end we easily add the coconut flakes, let it cool

Assembly: First countertop-bitter cream-2nd countertop-white cream-last countertop

For decoration we coat the cake in whipped cream, on the edges we take the "chocolate lines" and on top we powder it with mosaic walnut and we place the chocolate heart